Building the best bikes whilst having fun is the main objective we have got at Wrench Kings. Fabrication, electrics, painting and listening to some smooth tracks, we cover the whole nine yard. That’s why we call our HQ also the Hub aka the living room! Enjoy spending time with the welding machine or talk dirty with some mates and drink a beer.

Because we have created this safe haven, clients like to hang out at the HQ or want to be part of the inner circle.

We say less is poor – more is better!
So join us and be part of the Kings Adventure.

You want to grab a beer and see the skills of the Kings?! Just come over –¬† preferably on Friday afternoon so we can finish the paintjob.


Allright Рyou have seen some awesome dude on a killer ride and you are eager to shake of your shame and enter the league of extremely impressive. Ring Ring Рenter the castle and lets talk business!


Hello mister suit, nice to meet you. Yes we do collaborate with brands or company’s! Off course we welcome any CEO or marketing manager with or without tie to grab a beer and see how we can touch base and join forces!


WHAT CAN WE DO FOR YOU, Let's Get in touch.

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