Wrench Kings builds

The full monty, the best we’ve got to offer!

We start with a donor motorcycle that either you can provide or that we can provide for you. We make a plan together; what are you going to use the bike for, what do you like, or even better: what really blows your socks off? That’s our main goal: Building your personal dream-bike!

Every build is unique and not all the bikes need the same things done, but Wrench Kings builds include everything that your bike needs to really reach its full potential!

Partial builds

Are you customizing your motorcycle but you’ve encountered some things that you can’t do yourself? No worries! We also offer partial builds, like welding a sub-frame, hooking up your electronics, paintwork, you name it!

Also if you bought a bike and you just want to change a certain part of it: give us a call or drop by the workshop!

Repair & service

So you’ve built or bought a custom motorcycle and it’s not working the way it should? Or maybe you want your bike serviced? We’re here to help! From electronical problems to mechanical problems, don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can get your bike back where it belongs: on the road!


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