Restomod, Honda CB750 SOHC (1978)

Brother from another mother.

“I don’t want it to be polished” was the first thing Stein said to the Kings…. well ok then!

We started with a technically sound CB750 from 1978 and changed basically everything in a clean and original way… Custom front and rear fender, custom full leather shortened seat etc etc.

Nice detail is that the only color used on the bike is the orange and black on the tank, the rest is bare metal (sand blasted) with transparent powder coating. It looks like paint but it isn’t.
The red thread throughout the entire bike, is that nothing is what is seems just as Stein!


  • Minor frame mods
  • Custom seat by silvermachine
  • Custom front and rear fender
  • Custom oiltank cover
  • Heated grips!!
  • Full stainless steel exhaust system (Sebering)
  • High beam additional light mounted on the protection bar
  • Reno type headlight
  • Classic type rearlight
  • Motogadget bar end indicators