The Cherry Pop, Honda CB750 SOHC (1978)

Early 2016 we received a call from Lex, the owner of NoutDesign Ontwerp & Concept (, a modern and successful advertising company in Holland. He had a 1977 Honda CB750 in a nearly original state and had plans to rebuild it in cafe style. The beginning of something great! Or was it? It did not take long for him to realize his talents lie in advertising more than building bikes and he needed some assistance to finish his project.

A 1977 CB750: Of course we liked the challenge! How to create a clean look from a bike with a dry swamp and an external oil reservoir? Move the oil tank to the seat! Easier said than done, but look at the result! It took some trial, error, sweat, pain and the assistance of Marcel van der Stelt (an expert in all custom aluminum solutions) and the result is stunning. A seat pan with an integrated oil tank in the seat. The seat upholstery was taken care of by Toni, a new player in the custom seat scene from the eastern part of Holland.

Lex was very specific about his wishes. As a creative and owner of an advertisement company, he had the perfect picture in mind. A stunning bike with an overhauled engine, perfect finishing and design. We took the bike completely apart to very the last bolt and rebuilt it with freshly powder coated parts. The engine was overhauled and is ready to run miles and miles more. Lex supplied us with a new polished aluminum triple clamp. We designed the aluminum seat with oil reservoir and had it built by Marcel.

This 40 year old bike has an RFID tag ignition switch (how about that). Tail lights combined with brake lights and blinkers. A yellow head light and very subtle hidden blinkers in front. Lex is a tall guy, so this bike had to fit his 1.90 mtr (6.2 ft) length and to make his seating position comfortable, we extended the foot peg location.


  • Everything is powder coated, even the brackets for the speedometer and the blinkers
  • Firestone Champion Deluxe tires
  • RFID tag wireless key
  • Custom seat with oil reservoir by Marcel van der Stelt
  • Custom water proof leather upholstery
  • Custom oil lines
  • Hidden blinkers in front
  • Modern, electronic Daytona speedo
  • Stylish tail lights with integrated brake lights and blinkers
  • A custom made license plate bracket (which we took in production!)
  • A big head light with yellow tinted glass
  • Polished cylinder heads
  • Overhauled engine
  • Rear shocks
  • Brake and clutch levers
  • Double brake discs in front
  • Extended foot peg mounts with Tarozzi foot pegs
  • DNA power filters
  • Stainless steel brake lines