The Mobster, Ducati Monster (2003)

How can you not name this bike the mobster! A true Italian Stalion with some Mafia DNA!

We had a blast building the bike and giving it a more modern style. Modified the frame and painted it virgin white. The combination with royal blue and Inca gold gives it a killer look. Different forks and transparent timing chain covers to finish it off. Fully dyno tuned to get the real power out of this “Italo” twin. We supose Mister Gotti would have proud of the result “Capiche!”


  • Custom rear frame
  • Handmade leather seat with perforated leather on top
  • Hidden LED rear licht
  • Custom Wrench Kings licence plate holder behind there wheel
  • White painted frame
  • Custom paint job petrol tank
  • CNC belt covers
  • Golden wheels
  • Dunlop tires