Motoshare, BMW R1100r  (1999)

On a wintery afternoon we were having drinks with our friends from Motoshare, and one thing led to another… What crazy thing can we do that makes everyone happy! “Let’s give a bike away!!” One down side is that only one person can enjoy it. So we decided to rent the bike for a day to 100 motor aficionado’s. Among all those petrol heads we would pick one lucky bastard an give him or her bike…. and that’s how the project came to life.

We started with a bone stock BMW R1100r – why? Thats easy – its a reliable bike, which is fun to drive for every one (after we build it). If your a novice it gives comfort and when your experienced it challenges you, to have the utmost fun possible.

We chopped the complete rear-frame and magically moved all electrics underneath the petrol tank. Replaced the rear with something of our own and gave it a complete tracker style.

Our Kings oath is that a bike can ride even better after we have done our royal customising job and that’s what happened with this baby!



  • Full custom rear frame
  • Costom rear fender
  • Custom numberplate holder
  • Full custom seat  and side covers by Silvermachine
  • Wire wheels from BRM R1100RT (police option)
  • Dominator Stainless steel exhaust
  • Tracker handlebars
  • Tracker style headlight
  • built type indicators front and rear
  • Custom frame for headlight and front fender
  • Custom paint job by van Marcus
  • Shinyo side rearview mirrors
  • Bullit style rear light