The Blue Bastard, BMW K75 (1982)

We had the Beamer hanging around in our shop for quite some time. But we never got around to actually crack this project and start on it.

This baby was badly neglected and was in desperate need of some Kings TLC. If it was up to the disposable peeps – this one was out on the streets and into the bin. But hey – we are Kings and we don’t treat quality with bad manners “right”. So we took all of our Barry White love and gave her the treatment she deserved! We build it as a project for the shop, so no rules Hallelujah!! A Bastard with some freaking cool looks if we might say so!


  • Customised rear frame to get one line trough the bike
  • Alle component have been replaced and the batterie is located where first the air filter box was
  • Dirt bike style foam filter
  • Upgraded YSS rear shocks
  • Lowered front forks
  • Dual Halo headlights
  • Mini led indicators
  • Dunlop streetsmart tires
  • Custom paint by Wrench Kings