The Slick Brick, BMW k100 (1982)

The BMW K100 is currently gaining popularity in the custom world and with the BMW quality as a basis; it is a nice bike to work on!

Roland, the current owner of this BMW K100, is a guy that lives in Utrecht and he already had good connections with a neighboring motor shop (RB Motoren in De Bilt). He came to Wrench Kings requesting to build a bike purchased and serviced by RB Motoren; a perfect deal! RB Motoren is a BMW expert and for Wrench Kings this meant that the bike would be in impeccable condition, at least mechanically.

This cooperation between two companies resulted in a stunning bike, built in less than three months, with all minor and major maintenance taken care of.

The challenges on this bike were the lines and the electronics. he K100 has a big, flat-mounted, in line, four cylinder injection engine also known as the flying brick due to the big engine and the overall looks. With this custom update we have given this baby not only the looks but also some cha-cha if you know what we mean!


  • The gas tank is from a BMW K100 LT
  • The modified front fender is from a different K100 model
  • CNC style clip-ons
  • Biltwell grips
  • Refurbished controls
  • The subframe is adjusted in such that the polyester seat pan is fully supported by a custom metal frame
  • Leather seat upholstery by ToniWorks
  • A big 7” Reno style headlight
  • Subtly tail light, build in to the rear seat
  • Led indicators at the front and at the back
  • Acewell speedometer
  • Dunlop street smart tires
  • Powder coated frame, powder coated rims, powder coated parts, powdercoated everything
  • Custom license plate bracket
  • Stainless steel collector with a stainless steel Spark GP muffler