WK19: Honda CMX450                     The Racing Rebel’

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The Rebel belongs to Steven, who owns a carpentry company in The Netherlands. Four years ago, he took the bike to a frame-building specialist and asked for a hardtail bobber. The frame was made, but then the builder disappeared. Steven was left with a half-finished bike that started rusting away in his garage. Years later he walked into our shop to finally get the bike that he envisioned.

The CMX450 is a moderate 450cc bike. The engine is relatively small and with that we decided to use simplicity in the build. Instead of the standard double seat springs often used for hardtail bikes, a small modern mono shock is used for the seat suspension. This way the seat is lifted, creating a line with the tank and completely different riding characteristics.

Modifications & parts

  • Hardtail conversion

  • Mono seat shock (custom seat structure and hinge system)

  • Custom seat upholstery by ToniWorks

  • Yamaha XS650 gas tank

  • Yamaha XS650 wheels (customized to fit the frame)

  • Custom front and rear fenders

  • Wrench Kings paint job

  • Upside down tracker handlebars

  • Biltwell Kung Fu grips

  • Daytona Velona speedo

  • Custom forward controls

  • Bridgestone Exedra tires

  • Landport Lithium Ion battery

  • Custom electronic box with start/stop, ignition and low/high beam switches

  • Clean electronics (no wires are visible on the bike)

  • Subtle headlight

  • Side-mount license plate and tail light bracket

  • DNA power filters

  • Polished engine covers

  • Laser engraved custom plaques on the forks

  • Fresh paint job for the engine


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