WK10: Yamaha XJ600 Diversion

A friend of the company bought a bright yellow Yamaha XJ600 Diversion: A bike that is not normally used to transform into a Cafe Racer. “Can you make something out of it??” He asked. “Of course we can! Every bike has potential!” we replied. Modern, affordable, bad-ass and stunning.  That was our thought when we started the build.

A Yamaha XJ600 Diversion is a bike with a modern box-frame look, but still with the round pipes whereby the air filter is fitted underneath the gas tank. With this hidden air filter location and the fact that Dutch weather isn’t always as sunny as we want it to be, we decided to keep the original air filter. It takes up a huge amount of space underneath the tank, but the pros are that it is a water proof system and there is no need to rejet the carbs. The cons were that this is also the location where we intended to house the entire bike’s electronics… Luckily batteries are becoming smaller these days. And we were able to fit a battery box between the engine and the air filter system. Millimeter work with still enough space for a contact switch, starter relais, fuse box, wire connections, ignition coils, etc.

A new subframe, custom seat, subtle covers in front to hide the electronics from the eyes of perfectionists, a front fender whereby we choose to use the original fender mounting slightly different…

The original pipes were the only parts of the bike that had been affected by the weather and we decided to chuck them. In any case, a 4 in 1 pipe looks way better than the original 4 in 2 pipes. The exhaust used here is a Takkoni muffler. This is the finishing touch that gives the sound we like to hear. A loud, deep, howling sound that makes any biker jealous whilst your eardrums can still survive a long distance trip. In other words, a bike to drive!

Modifications & parts

  • Custom subframe

  • Custom seat

  • New wiring harness

  • Relocation of all electronics

  • Custom front cover to hide the electronics

  • Custom front fender

  • New handle bars including grips, handles, etc.

  • Powdercoated frame

  • Digital Daytona Velona speedometer

  • Heidenau K60 tires

  • Custom paint job


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