WK08: Yamaha XV950

Early 2016 Wrench Kings and Motorcycles United teamed up to undertake a crazy build for Yamaha Motor. They would provide us with a brand new Yamaha XV950 with the request to make it a Kenny Roberts style streettracker. The 60th anniversary colors of Yamaha this year. Naturally we were very much interested and during the first meeting together, Yamaha brought a whole delegation of people along… Apparently it was not just a build, but the plans were to make it a television show on Dutch National television. And that’s why Yamaha brought the guys from RTL GP Magazine along!

As we are not a normal bunch of guys we saw the potential of a show immediately! So yeah! Let’s film it! And that’s how it started. We had a tight deadline and in this deadline we had several more deadlines due to the film crew that came along. But man, we had fun!

This bike is built using crazy modern tools and techniques. The air filter on this bike is printed with a 3D printer and the cover of the airfilter is made from transparent Perspex so you can see the butterfly valves of the air intake!

The head light, with the number 1 in it, is laser cut from Perspex plates. Ideas formed to use a black number one that would light up when you switch on the head light. That required a lot of trial and error, but we did it! With led strips and a mix of transparent and non-transparent Perspex plates, the black number one lights up when you switch on the lights! The actual headlights are made of ellipsoid lights and in the top plate a small 48mm speedo and tachometer are mounted. This really gives the bike a cool futuristic, but at the same time a vintage classy tracker look.

And as we were using the laser equipment for the head light, we decided to take it a step further. Everywhere on this bike you’ll find laser engraved Perspex details. We even made our own license plate from Perspex!

To get the lines we were looking for, we fabricated a bolt-on subframe in such that it looks like the original frame continues. This subframe is also the mounting bracket for the seat. The seat is supported from front to back to make it absolutely sturdy. And at the rear, underneath the seat, a cool led strip with tail light, brake light and indicator lights is installed.

The color pattern was known. Yamaha’s 60th anniversary colors… But of course with our own touch in it. This bike has a subtle metallic flake in the yellow color. We had a nice discussion with the guys that makes our seats, Toni. We wanted to use the Kenny Roberts design, the black and white blocks in the seat upholstery as well. A challenge that Toni happily accepted and with a stunning result. The seat is velvet black with a Kenny Roberts design!

Modifications & parts

  • Lowered front suspension

  • Öhlins suspension at the rear

  • Custom headlight number plate with instrument dashboard

  • Daytona Velona 48mm speedo meter

  • Daytona Velona 48mm tachometer

  • 3D printed air filter box with a transparent Perspex glass cover (you can see the butterfly valve from the air intake moving)

  • Relocated foot pegs with custom link systems

  • Custom bolt-on subframe

  • Custom bolt on seat

  • Custom upholstery by Toni (www.toniworks.nl)

  • Custom license plate bracket

  • Custom license plate

  • Custom tail lights

  • 16” spoke wheel in the rear

  • 18” spoke wheel in front


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