WK03: Honda CB900 Bol d’Or

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We were approached by a Dutch guy looking for a bike, Bob. Dutch people are tall in general, but even for a Dutch guy Bob is tall! Of course he needed a bike to fit his posture.

Together we searched for a good basis and we decided to use a Honda CB900 Bol d’Or as a donor. After some searching we came across a real barn find. A Honda Bol d’Or from 1982 that did not run for fifteen (15!!) years. Naturally the battery was flat, the fuel old and the carbs needed some attention, but other than that the bike was in a top-notch condition. Especially for what we were planning to do with it!

Bob, being a tattoo artist, had a clear view of what he liked. It had to be a tough machine with a classy look and a tank color between army green and olive green. With that info in mind we started building.

As always, we didn’t hold back during the build of this bike. We have a long list of modifications and we’ll state the main ones here.

Modifications & parts

  • The typical Wrench Kings blacked out look

  • Modified sub-frame with a custom seat

  • All new wiring

  • Subtle blinkers and a head light with a stunning LED Halo-ring

  • The blinker switch, which is subtly installed on the handlebars

  • All other switches (actually only the light switch and the ignition switch remain) are installed in a custom made box underneath the seat.

  • And last but not least, the horizontal yellow lines on the tank that return in the custom fabric wiring in front.


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