WK02: Honda GL500

Pipeburn wrote an article about this bike. Click here to read it!

In the Wrench Kings bomber series we are proud to present: a Honda GL500 as it should look! She turned out even cooler than we expected and handles like an absolute dream. Absolutely everything has been done to the bike.

We hated to see her go, but she was sold in two hours after publishing the first picture!

The bike is completely stripped and everything on the bike is brand new. The entire bike is blacked out with high quality paint from top to bottom. We customized the back of the frame to fit the black & white café racer seat which follows the line of the gas tank just perfectly. The frame has been stripped of all its imperfections and is as clean as can be now.

The gas tank is stripped to bare metal and repainted in black & white with our signature striping in vintage grey.

We installed a CBR front fork, rim and massive brake discs to make the bike brake like no other.

And to give the bike its aggressive (but clean) look we installed clip-ons with blinkers in the handlebars and fitted the bike with new wiring from front to back. The ignition-key & light-switch are located at the right-side of the bike in its own custom made metal casing which is part of the subframe support.

Modifications & parts

  • Custom paint job

  • Clip-ons

  • New mufflers on both sides

  • Cafe racer seat

  • Headlight with Halo-ring

  • Rear / brake light

  • New contact-housing

  • Hagenau tires

  • New grips

  • Lithium-ion battery

  • New wiring harness

  • New ‘vintage’ cable wrap

  • Digital Daytona speedometer

  • Open airfilters


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