Wrench Kings built their own Mash bike from a brand new Mash 400CC Scrambler. Read all about the build.


Late September the Kings got a visit from Jan Ykema, owner of Motomondo and the importer of Mash bikes in the Benelux. Mash is a relatively new motorcycle brand originating from France. They know the current market and their bike designs are proof of that. Motorcycles with a retro look and modern performance. We received the request to customize their Mash 400CC Scrambler for the BigTwin bike show on the 4th of November… Basically build a bike in four weeks…

As we love challenges, we agreed on the project and two days later we had a brand new Mash Scrambler in our shop. Of course we took her for a spin first, but the same afternoon the bike was stripped and plans were being made.

Mash already has cafe style models (e.g. Mash Café Racer 250) and the idea grew to make this Scrambler into a complete mix of styles. Café Racer style fairing, scrambler gas tank and a tracker seat, all with the Wrench Kings finishing of course.

We were requested to build this bike for exhibitions and shows. Thus it had to stand out, it had to be different, it had to look stunning and of course it had to ride well!


Within two days the bike was stripped, the wheels were taken off for new rims and spokes, parts were ordered and the frame was ready for customizing.

We took a tracker handle bar and welded this upside down on a bracket, fitting the fairing nicely in line with the gas tank. Inside the fairing we fitted an adjustable 7” Reno style headlight. On the handle bars itself we used a Brembo brake cylinder, a Brembo clutch lever, a Domino twistgrip, Domino switches and Biltwell Thruster grips.

The instrument panel is made from laser cut and engraved Perspex and inside we fitted a Motogadget motoscope mini (a tiny dashboard with an innovative, ultra-bright 251-LED dot matrix containing all information you need!). The Motoscope can be controlled with a Motogadget push button on the dashboard.

All excess brackets on the frame are removed. As the whole electrical system is relocated from its original location in the frame triangle to empty spaces underneath the seat and underneath the gas tank, many of these brackets became obsolete. The result is a clean frame with an open look. The only thing we left in place is the external oil reservoir for the dry sump. It looks cool as it is!

The frame itself is painted in pearl white color with a metallic spark and the same color is used for the striping on the seat, the tank and the fairing. The green is a sparkling metallic green. Damn this bike shines under stage lights! Due to the color scheme this Mash motorcycle was quickly nicknamed after the Marvel’s comic book character “The Green Goblin” 😉

The wheels are transformed to 16” spoke wheels and completed with big Firestone tires for a vintage and sturdy look.

The seat upholstery is done by Toni’s Custom Works, whereby a longitudinal stitching pattern is chosen.

The rear of the tracker seat contains a led strip behind a Perspex housing. This led strip has a tail light, brake light and indicator lights and due to the Perspex housing, the light is totally invisible if the lights are switches off.

Everything on this bike is made with bolt-on components. Wrench Kings has a close cooperation with Motorcycles United, the company behind and (Dutch) and many of the parts we used on this build are bought from them (e.g. the fairing, the tracker seat base, the grips, the handle bars, the lights, the blinkers, etc.).


All in all, the following modifications are made to this bike:

  • Installation of the fairing with an adjustable 7” Reno style head light
  • Fabrication of custom handle bars to fit the fairing
  • Brembo brake cylinder and clutch lever
  • Domino twistgrip throttle and Domino controls
  • Biltwell Thruster grips
  • Laser cut handmade dashboard with a Motogadget Motoscope Mini
  • Fabrication and installation of a tracker seat with upholstery by
  • Relocated electrics
  • Installation of a Lithium Ion battery in the seat
  • Newly spoked 16” rims
  • New Firestone tires
  • A new handmade stainless steel muffler
  • Led tail light in a Perspex housing


Jan Ykema, the owner of Motomondo and the importer of Mash Motorcycles in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg was baffled when he saw the result of our efforts on his Mash 400CC Scrambler. A reaction we worked for, but which was still appreciated to see!

This bike is shown on the BigTwin Bike Show in Houten (the Netherlands) and will be shown at the Brussels Motor Show (Belgium) and at the Motorbeurs in Utrecht (the Netherlands).

Pictures are taken by Wrench Kings photographer



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