So let us tell you a story…

We are WrenchKings, we build dreams. Not only because of the bike itself, but because of the engagement between ourselves and the client. This is how we are able to get to a point where dreams are made reality.

We are creators of motorcycles for people who are looking to enrich their lives. It is all about capturing exceptional intrinsic values of life in a product that breathes freedom.

Every line on the drawing board and every bolt we tighten, is with that one thought – create happiness into a product that transcends being a vehicle and rises to fulfilment of desire.

We build custom bikes specifically for people – not for budgets! It’s important to us what our client would like to achieve and to create something within the possibilities.

It is the most satisfying life there is – we can’t even call it work, we make people happy!

Besides individual clients, we work a lot with companies and we build them the best marketing tool you can get: a custom bike fully ignited with the brand’s DNA!

Recently we built a Motoguzzi V7 (the blue one) for clothing brand  Vanguard and we have built two Yamaha TR1’s for a Motorcycle clothing shop (voordeelhelmen) in a full cafe-racer style with GXR forks and a gold-plated petrol tank!  The TR1 builds will be starring in the Youtube show that is currently being edited

Feel free to drop by

In other words, a place where everybody is welcome and where we regularly have friends dropping by to wrench some or just to relax a bit. We offer free advise on how to build your own bike, including tips and tricks on parts, technical assistance with your build, addresses for custom fabricators or whatever else it is you need. And we can build your dream bike!!

Sooo, when can we welcome you?!? Find our address here.


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