Wrench Kings Denim Day Maastricht

Sunday 2nd October Wrench Kings will be at the Denim Day event of M-Perception in Maastricht!

M-Perception is a one-of-a-kind store. Fashion, style, flowers and motorbikes combined in one store. Yes, you can buy your outfit here and get some flowers to lessen the pain at home!

Martijn, the owner of M-Perception, is a cool dudeĀ and we know him for some time now. Naturally we like to be at his event with a couple of stunning bikes again!

So join us in Maastricht Sunday 2nd October!

The address is:

Rechtstraat 55

6221 EG, Maastricht




There will be barbers. There is Gin (looking forward to that!)! There are guys making cool bracelets. There is a Jeans market. The new fashion models are in. Harley Davidson will be there. Wrench Kings is there with a couple of stunning bikes. There are flowers. And, if it’s the same as last time, there will be many riders joining this day!