We have an exciting announcement. We will be on tv!

The next couple of sundays we will be on RTL GP with a mini reality show about Wrench Kings.

So i can hear you ask. What is it about?

We made a holy promise not to tell you anything. Because the awesome people at RTL deserve the scoop. We got a sneak peak and they did a great job. The footage looks spectacular and we know you will like it!

Is there really nothing we can tell you? Well maybe a few details.

We can tell you that Bram and Joost are on. They share their story about the birth of Wrench Kings.

We can also tell you that Reinoud Tjallema is on. Our partner in crime from caferaceronderdelen.nl with whom we share our shop. And who also provides the parts we use to build our Wrench King icons.

Thanks to him we made this awesome show.

And last but not least. Our bikes will be featured along with a very special project.

Wil je weten wanneer en hoe laat de uitzendingen zijn?

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