So let us tell you a story…

Wrench Kings is a Dutch motorbike brand specialised in custom build bikes (Caferacers, Trackers, Scramblers and a combination of these types!).

Ideas and plans to establish this brand were formed long before the first bike was created. The idea for Wrench Kings originated in Dubai, whilst toying with bikes in a carport and drinking a beer outdoors in a strictly regulated country…

Now the Kings are located in Bilthoven, in The Netherlands where they pursue their dream by creating a brand of sophisticated, high quality and well-designed bikes.

We hope to welcome you soon to have a chat, a coffee or a beer with us. And to provide you with a nice ride home afterwards!

Wrench Kings head quarter

A place of creativity where we created an atmosphere in which you feel at home. Of course we make noise, it’s messy sometimes and we like to curse hard occasionally… But overall it’s a place where you can be yourself. The coffee is great and the fridge is always filled with cold beers (and a few cokes… and juices for the kids…).

The center of the workshop is dominated by a big wooden living room table. A flat screen TV scrolls pictures of our bikes (you’ve got to love apple TV!) and the shop is filled with parts from Cafe Racers United.

In the corner we have a Chesterfield couch with a stunning coffee table (an old English roll made into a coffee table).

An ex-girlfriend prominent on the wall in our welding workshop (just because it’s a cool pic), a Jambiya (typical Arab ceremonial knife) on the wall as a reminder of our background. And naturally a couple of cool bikes on Persian carpets!! Oh, and let’s not forget the tulips on the toilet…

Feel free to drop by

In other words, a place where everybody is welcome and where we regularly have friends dropping by to wrench some or just to relax a bit. We offer free advise on how to build your own bike, including tips and tricks on parts, technical assistance with your build, addresses for custom fabricators or whatever else it is you need. And we can build your dream bike!!

Sooo, when can we welcome you?!? Find our address here.


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